In Joanne Linville’s best known if not her favorite role as an actress, she appeared in Star Trek: the Original Series playing the Romulan Commander.

She was the first female Romulan featured in an episode, and the only female character to ignite a spark of romance in the otherwise emotionless Dr. Spock. It remains a memorable episode from the series.

Her professional career began when television was young and drama was broadcast live. For the actor that meant doing it right the first time because there would only be that first time. She appeared in shows that are associated with quality programming of the early decades: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Studio One, Kraft Television Theater, DuPont Show of the Week, Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, Ben Casey, Streets of San Francisco, The FBI, Hawaii 5-0, Dynasty, and L.A.Law.

Her movie credits include The Goddess, Scorpio, A Star is Born, Gable and Lombard, The Seduction. More recently she appeared in The James Dean Story, directed by her former husband, Mark Rydell. She and Mark are the parents of two children, Christopher and Amy.

Foremost among the people who influenced Joanne’s acting career and her early work as a teacher was Stella Adler with whom she studied when she moved to New York City. Born into a theatrical family, the daughter of Jacob B. Adler, a great tragedian of the Yiddish Theater, Stella had her stage debut at age four. As a young woman she acted in Europe and South America as well as in the United States. She studied at N.Y.U., took classes with many of the most important actor/teachers of the period including Konstantin Stanislavsky, whose influence on acting and theatrical vision is as powerful today as it was almost a century ago. Stella was a member of the Group Theater, perhaps the most respected and influential acting ensemble in the American theater of the last century. She appeared in several films.

She founded the Stella Adler Conservatory in 1949. Among her students were Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, and Warren Beatty. Joanne studied with her and later was one of the founding teachers at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theaters which opened in Hollywood, CA, in 1985.

She was also inspired by the work of Angna Enters, one of the most gifted non-speaking actors of all time.  Enters’ innovations were so unique that critics gave her work a name, dance/mime -- which Enters did not think appropriate. She toured as a one-person program for many years. Her indescribable performances remain vividly alive in the memories of those fortunate enough to have seen her on her stage.  She developed the programs, designed and made her costumes, and designed her sets. She was also a painter and writer. She was not comfortable in the role of teacher, but those who studied with her said that she had a major influence on their work. For a brief period Enters was associated with the Stella Adler conservatory.

Joanne says she has learned more about acting from her students than from the formal teaching she received. But her love for and commitment to the craft of acting began when she started studying with Stella Adler, and she strives through her teaching to ensure that Stella’s inspiration continues to reach and influence new generations of actors.

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