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"During the last class with Joanne she taught me something I'd never heard before from anyone I had studied acting with. She had told the students she wanted us to look at – to actually see – something that was imaginary. She wanted us to focus our eyes on the object so that we could describe it fully to others in the class.  I had an idea right away and spent a few moments imagining that I was looking at an eagle perched on the top of a great pine tree."

"When my turn came to describe my 'vision,' Joanne told the other students to watch me closely."

"I saw their faces turn toward me and, as they did so, the eagle began to fade away. I was able to describe what I had seen moments before. I tried to make the bird sound beautiful and noble, and searched my mind for descriptive terms that captured the color of the feathers and fierce unblinking eyes. But what I was actually seeing was not the eagle but the faces of the other students looking at me."

"Joanne interrupted me in mid-description. She said she could tell that I had seen the bird moments before but wasn't seeing it at that moment."

"I had to admit she was right. I asked her how she knew I wasn't seeing the imaginary eagle."

"‘Because I didn’t see it,’" she said.

-- Tyler Lund, former student

Congratulations on your wonderful book. What an important and truly significant contribution to actors, to acting teachers, and to the theater. Stella echoes in your book.

-- Tom Oppenheim, President and Artistic Director,
Stella Adler Studio of Acting

Joanne does not theorize about great acting. She is great acting. In her book she has distilled years of experience drawn from the classroom, stage, film and television. For every step there are several examples from the texts of the world’s greatest playwrights. She handles it deftly and deeply. The book captures the work in beautifully accessible prose.

-- Mark Ruffalo, Actor and Former Student

Her book offers a new perspective on the way we actors work…Profound.

-- Diane Baker, Actor, Producer, Motion Picture
& Television and Acting Director, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco

A miracle of insight into the acting process by a master teacher.

-- Mark Rydell, Film Director