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About John Deck

A Santa Cruz-based writer, John Deck has published a novel, a collection of short stories, and a non-fiction book about retirement living in mobile home communities. He has written plays and screenplays and has taught writing, worked in computer documentation, written advertising copy, and contributed to educational texts.

He has known Joanne Linville all his life, has followed her career closely from its beginning, and has discussed the arts including acting, the theater and film with her extensively over many years.

In working on this book, Deck discussed Joanne’s seven steps at great length with her as they evolved through her teaching. He attended her acting classes and spoke with students and former students.

John Deck also used tapes recorded by Joe D’Agosto, one of Joanne’s former students, who worked tirelessly recording and also transcribing several classes.

Both authors wish to thank Joe D’Agosto for his selfless and devoted contribution to this publication.